Access to healthcare for trans women with HIV

Infographic of CHIWOS trans women healthcare access.png

The access to care sub-study utilizes a convergent parallel, mixed methods research design, drawing on secondary quantitative data from the Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study (CHIWOS) (n=54 trans women) and primary qualitative data collected from a sub-sample of trans women from CHIWOS (n=20). This research, in partial fulfillment of TWIRI team member Lacombe-Duncan’s dissertation, comprehensively examines HIV care access and barriers and facilitators to access-to- care for trans women living with HIV in Canada. This study extends current knowledge by developing a model of intersectional stigma experienced by trans women living with HIV in healthcare, quantitatively and qualitatively assessing a range of trans-specific factors in relation to access-to-care, and highlighting the resiliency and individual and collective empowerment that trans women exhibit as they navigate often hostile healthcare settings.

Download the infographic pamphlet by clicking here.