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TWIRI Conference 2019

The 2nd annual TWIRI (Trans Women HIV Research Initiative) Research and Practice Conference 2019 brought together researchers, service providers, and community members to discuss issues affecting the health and wellbeing of trans women living with and/or affected by HIV. Held at The 519 community centre on April 3rd and 4th in the heart of downtown Toronto, conference attendees spent time learning and sharing experiences alongside experts and leaders in the field.

TWIRI Conference 2018

On April 5th 2018, the first annual Trans Women and HIV Research Initiative (TWIRI) conference was held at The 519, a community centre that responds to the needs of the LGBTQ community. Over 50 academic experts, service providers, and community members joined together to share data and perspectives regarding the experience of trans women with HIV regarding their access to healthcare and determinants of health.

Past TWIRI Conferences

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