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Chart Review to Characterize Trans Women with and without HIV in Montreal and Toronto (MTTS)

In this study, we aimed to characterize a cohort of trans women living in Toronto and Montreal with and without HIV to identify their antiretroviral (ARV) and feminizing hormone regimens. The findings from this study inform a larger pharmacokinetic study investigating possible drug-drug interactions between feminizing hormones and ARVs. We also collected demographic information, their frequency of clinical visits, and outcomes of their HIV treatment and feminizing regimens.

We collected sociodemographic and clinical data from trans women aged 16+ from one clinic in Montreal and six clinics in Toronto, and reviewed a total of 1,495 charts, of which 86 belonged to the trans women living with HIV group. 

Summary of Results

  • 100% of trans women living with HIV were engaged in HIV care. 

  • 93.4% of trans women living with HIV in our sample were virally suppressed, with 93.% currently using ART.

  • 79 of the 86 (91.8%) trans women with HIV were on antiretroviral therapy. 

  • 71 of 86 (82.5%) trans women with HIV had a suppressed viral load. 

  • 61 of 86 (70.9%) trans women with HIV were prescribed FHT.

  • 1,258 of the 1,495 (89.3%) trans women with negative or undocumented HIV status were prescrbed FHT.

Data Request Form & Procedure 

If you are a researcher, a student, a clinician, community member, or individual who would like to access MTTS data, please download and complete our data request form and email it to

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