Our Vision

TWIRI envisions a world that proactively educates itself regarding the experiences of trans women with HIV and has the resources to do so. We aim to achieve this mission through creating and promoting accessible, trans-specific knowledge sharing platforms that are respectful and inclusive of all identities within the trans spectrum.

Our Mission

TWIRI will use its website as a means to share online resources and in-person training opportunities, while hosting events such as our annual conference to promote discussion of the issues facing trans women living with HIV.

Our Values

Integrity: TWIRI believes that integrity, acting in an honest and responsible manner, is of the utmost importance. It includes being accountable for our actions and transparent with our community.

Respect: TWIRI seeks to act in a way that recognizes the inherent value and worth of each person. This extends to acting in a manner that acknowledges the diverse lived experiences and identities of all, supporting the informed choices of the individual, and working as partners with our community members.

Equity: TWIRI understands that disparities in health result from systemic inequalities that are unjust and unfair, and will work to create positive social change to rectify these inequalities.